Before your New Year's Resolutions...

Treat yourself to Primanti's!

7 Days A Week

(412) 261-1599

We all know about the sandwiches, with the fries, the coleslaw, the flavor, mmm... but did you know they also have soups and salads?  Don't let that friend or co-worker say "no," there is something for everyone.  Even vegetarians can grab a 3-Cheese sandwich!
We all have our favorite sandwiches that we get again and again (Pastrami and Bacon are my downfall), but last time I was in, I took a good look at the menu and was surprised by the variety.  I love my favorites so much that I never really look at the others, like the Ragin' Cajun Chicken Breast, Knockwurst, Tuna, and Sardine.  Now where else in the City can you go and get a sardine sandwich?!  Some might ask "who would want to?" but that little sandwich has more omega-3 fatty acids than you can shake a stick at!
It's such an important part of the fabric of Pittsburgh, it's even used as a test.  You know what I'm talking about.  (And if you don't, listen to this best-man explain it...

Even Adam Richman from the Travel Channel's Man v. Food fell in love here in Pittsburgh.  And the greatness of the mighty Primanti sandwich has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation and National Geographic.

For more info on Primanti's world take-over check out the links on their website...

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