Before your New Year's Resolutions...

Treat yourself to Primanti's!

7 Days A Week

(412) 261-1599

We all know about the sandwiches, with the fries, the coleslaw, the flavor, mmm... but did you know they also have soups and salads?  Don't let that friend or co-worker say "no," there is something for everyone.  Even vegetarians can grab a 3-Cheese sandwich!
We all have our favorite sandwiches that we get again and again (Pastrami and Bacon are my downfall), but last time I was in, I took a good look at the menu and was surprised by the variety.  I love my favorites so much that I never really look at the others, like the Ragin' Cajun Chicken Breast, Knockwurst, Tuna, and Sardine.  Now where else in the City can you go and get a sardine sandwich?!  Some might ask "who would want to?" but that little sandwich has more omega-3 fatty acids than you can shake a stick at!
It's such an important part of the fabric of Pittsburgh, it's even used as a test.  You know what I'm talking about.  (And if you don't, listen to this best-man explain it...

Even Adam Richman from the Travel Channel's Man v. Food fell in love here in Pittsburgh.  And the greatness of the mighty Primanti sandwich has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation and National Geographic.

For more info on Primanti's world take-over check out the links on their website...


Galardi's 30-Minute Cleaners

Need a last minute gift for a business associate or an office gift swap?  Caught short getting something cleaned for a Holiday party?

Galardi's is here for you!

Get your duds cleaned at the cleaner for the stars.  Galardi's does all the work for the movies and concerts that come to town.  Your suit could be rubbing elbows with Anne Hathaway's dress or Russell Crowe's shirt.

If you bring your items in before 11 a.m. on any weekday, they can return them in the same day!

Plus, they do free pick up & delivery to the Downtown area. If you call in the morning, the delivery person will come to your home or office and have the item returned after lunch.

And they have gift certificates.  After all, who needs one more candle or ornament?  Give a gift you know they'll appreciate, and the convenience of being right Downtown!

You can see their old horizontal sign in this picture as we look up Forbes Avenue towards the old Diamond Market which spanned the street. Originally owned by Mr. Galardi, the business is now owned by William Martinko who began working for Mr. Galardi when he was 15 years old, over 50 years ago.  When you stop in you are sure to find a member of the Martinko family there to assist you, as they have been for the past 50 years.

Galardi's 30-Minute Cleaners
Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service
same-day cleaning, free delivery service available
Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - Noon.  
See below for their prices...
suits $11.00
blazers $8.00
pants $5.50
dryclean shirts $5.50
blouses $5.50
winter coats $15.00
skirts $5.50
dresses $11.00
ties $3.00
sweaters $5.00
button down dress shirts $2.75 with or with starch (starch shirts takes 2 days) no starch can be done same day.
we also offer laundry service, prices vary
if you bring a blazer and any bottoms (pants or skirt) we will suit price at $11.00
suede and leather jackets start at $45.00
These prices are general prices. More detailed garments may vary.


It's Going to Look Different!

Market Square looked the same for a very long time...
then we got trees. 
Now we're about to see a big visual change again...


The team is prepping the area that will become roadway in the renovated space. 
They expect to pour concrete this week (weather depepndant). The concrete will form a base of support for the belgian block and brick that we've saved to reuse.

You may have noticed that the City is doing some work on Forbes Avenue as well.  Right now they are updating utilities.  This means a big long trench. 

After seeing them all over town, I finally asked what "those metal box things" are that stick out of the ground (see above photo).  I couldn't imagine them being left in the ground for any great purpose (and the way they are always sticking up it didn't look like they would even fit!). 

Did you figure it out yet?  They are temporary walls  to make sure that the edges of the trench don't fall on the crew while they are working!  Here is one in Market Square...

I also peered into the ditch on Forbes...

Can you make out some bricks under the pavement?  That is a water box.  They build boxes around the things that need to be accessed frequently...

that way they can pop the lid off...

and what you see underneath is something like this...

which they can easily access to tighten a valve, etc.

And now you know!


The Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Need a gift for a business contact?  Looking for a simple way to thank someone who's helped you out this year?  Or a small gift for  your cousin in Mt. Lebanon or the aunt in Greentree that you won't be able to see this holiday season?  Lubin and Smalley has your answer!

Flower arrangements, and potted plants are a great way to send the compliments of the season.  And as we head into winter, a potted plant is the gift that keeps on giving through out those cold months.  Lubin and Smalley also handles fruit baskets, balloons, specialty arrangements, and have an assortment of gift cards.  They personally deliver almost anywhere in Allegheny County and their network of fellow florists can deliver next-day anywhere in the US.  Simplify your holidays with Lubin and Smalley. 
http://www.lubinandsmalley.com/ or search their extensive options at http://www.ftdfloristsonline.com/lubin/
You can shop online or stop into the store and place orders by phone, fax, or email.  And by ordering through a local florist as opposed to a national floral delivery service, you could save up to $15 in surcharges!

Lubin and Smalley Flowers has been a part of Market Square since 1917. The original storefront was at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Graeme, in the space that is now Heinz Healy's mens clothing store. Here is an old postcard of that first location.

The building they are in now has been used by the company since the '40s for storage, design space, etc. but in 1993 the company moved all its Downtown activities under one roof. If you've never stopped to look up at their building in Market Square, take a moment and do it - you don't know what you've been missing!

In the postcard above, just under the name that wraps the windows in black and white, you can see a yellow shade that runs the full length of the windows. It looks like it has a pattern of rectangles.
In fact, it is not one shade, but individual pieces of etched class that were then painted gold and hung.  You can see both the postcard and the glass panel hanging inside the current Lubin and Smalley location.  Its also nice to just go in and get a whiff of all that sweet oxygen a roomfull of plants provides - its invigorating!


Don't forget to use your coupon!

The Construction Coupon is good through the end of this month!

If you're down with family for some Saturday ice skating, taking your sweet heart for a horse-drawn carriage ride, or just antsy in the office during this exciting time of year, use your coupon and save some money for all the extras that make this time of year special.

Click here to download a printable copy from the PDP website.


Nicholas Coffee

Warm up this winter with “Pittsburgh’s Best Perk”, a cup of coffee or tea from Nicholas Coffee located in Market Square. The Nicholas family has put nearly 100 years of devoted sweat and sacrifice into their coffee. Their dream turned into reality when Grandpa Nicholas came to America in 1919. When Nicholas Coffee first opened, its location was where PPG Plaza now sits. After surviving the Great Depression and a catastrophic fire in the 1950’s, he bought the building where they are currently located and where they offer a huge selection of coffees and teas.

For you coffee lovers out there, Nicholas coffee politely challenges you to find a better tasting coffee than theirs. What makes their beans so special is their roasting method. The beans still come to them green so they are as pure as can be so they can roast, not bake, them to perfection. They offer free samples all the time!

Not only do they sell coffee, but they also sell a wide variety of loose leaf teas and boxed teas, fresh roasted peanuts, cigars and accessories that make perfect gifts for the holiday season.

For more information about Nicholas Coffee and their products, visit http://www.nicholascoffee.net/.


Construction Update

Here you see the team prepping the base for a lightpole in the southern half of the Square (we've shown completed bases from the northern half in previous posts).  They create a wooden frame, screw in the pipes which you see at the one workers feet, then fill the wooden structure with cement.  Once the cement is set, they remove the frame.  You can see how deep the hole is in order to make a sturdy fixture - the structure for the base is chest-high.

Stand at the fence by PPG 2.  The fire hydrant you see will be on the sidewalk by the building.  When you see that, you realize how WIDE the renovated sidewalks will be.  It's very surprising.  There will be plenty of room for sidewalk cafes!

Here you see a compacting machine.  Before you lay a sidewalk or road, you must make sure the soil is well-compacted.  Dirt slowly settles over time and without any support pavement will crack.  You can avoid settling by compacting your dirt first.  You may see this machine at other Downtown work sites, like Three PNC's work on Market Street, a block from the Square.  This is another chance to comprehend how deep pavement layers are; the mulch around the tree will be flush with the sidewalk when finished.  The City-standard 3'x3' tree pits are protected during this process by fencing.  This is another reason to use small, hand-held machines instead of large ones - to protect the tree pits and branches.  When working on the larger open areas, where the trees will not be endangered, you will probably see larger compacting machines.
This week they are also focusing on the electricity that runs to the tree pits.  They are setting the stage for the lighting that will be installed later in the project.


Serendipity Accessories

“Accessories to Express Yourself”:
Serendipity has the “Accessories to Express Yourself” this holiday season. You don’t have to travel far to get that new look for you or a friend, as Serendipity has the hottest trends handpicked and arriving frequently, direct from the fashion capitals of the world. Since it is Cyber Monday, you may want to get some shopping done straight from their website. But if you’re already Downtown stop in to experience the personalized service and expert advice from Serendipity’s style consultants. You’ll be sure to create a stylish new you or find the perfect gift.

Nationally Recognized:
Serendipity is owned and operated by Kimberly and Peter Coppola. Their boutique has been Downtown for 6 years and has recently moved to Market Square. Serendipity has been nationally recognized as a prominent leader in the fashion industry by Accessories Magazine and was chosen to be a stylist for the magazine’s 2009 fall photo shoot. Serendipity is celebrated locally as well, and was voted Best of Pittsburgh 2009 by Pittsburgh Magazine.

Kim and Peter Do More than Accessories:
The couple has recently become published authors; “No More Chasing the Carrot,” is featured in the book "A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit”. Serendipity is also involved with many local charities and is a proud sponsor of the Miss USA Pageant for Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Serendipity is open Monday- Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information and Holiday hours, visit http://www.serendipityaccessories.com/, their MySpace page or Kim's Fashion Blog.


Mancini's Bread Company and Prantl's Bakery

Make sure you have a crowd pleasing meal this holiday season. Mancini’s Bread Company and Prantl’s Bakery have joined forces in Market Square.  Stop in for the perfect bread and dessert that will leave your guests wanting more.

At Mancini’s you will find everything from white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, marble, raisin bread, twist bread and much more. Stop in at lunch time and get their famous pepperoni rolls, or other rolled sanwiches. Don't want to wait until lunch? Stop in for a fabulous breakfast roll, served till 10:30 a.m.

You don’t have to travel far for that perfect dessert.  Prantl's burnt almond torte is the “icing on the cake” for any meal. It is made with their famous yellow "scrap" batter cake, creamy custard, homemade buttercream and loads of secret recipe toasted almonds. They also have a generous selection of cakes, pies, pastries and rolls.

Mancini Bread Company originated in 1926 when James Mancini, an Italian immigrant opened a one room bakery in McKees Rocks, PA. At fourteen, Jim apprenticed himself to a baker. Jim, who loved to experiment, developed his own bread formula. He rented a space and began a tradition by baking 100 loaves a night and then delivering the fresh bread to his customers the next morning. The "twist " bread was his trademark. Jim's father, Frank Mancini, built a small bakery building in the West Park section of McKees Rocks for him. Jim's brother, Ernie joined him as a partner. Ernie's son, Frankie, joined the firm in 1971. Although Mancini's® now bakes more than ten thousand loaves a day, the bakery still utilizes most of the same Old World techniques, which Jim Mancini practiced in 1926. The bakery employs forty-eight people and operates twenty-four hours a day except for Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. The bread is delivered to restaurants, grocery stores and hoagie shops in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Prantl’s Bakery is one of the last of the local independent bakeries in a chain store age. Prantl's has been named one of Pittsburgh's best bakeries, by Pittsburgh City Paper and Pittsburgh Magazine. Over 40 Years of business is contributed to hard work, dedication and of course the famous burnt almond torte. Good news, you can now send a torte! Prantl’s famous burnt almond torte is now available for shipping. Send early to avoid disappointment - their torte freezes beautifully. The "travel" version of their famous burnt almond torte is made with their special recipe "wedding creme" custard so it doesn't require refrigeration. You can now enjoy Pittsburgh's most famous dessert anywhere!

Curbside Pick-up To make life easier during the Market Square Construction, you can pick your orders up curbside.  Eliminate the need to parking Downtown!  Pay for your order on the phone and describe your vehicle and when you pull up a staff member will run your completed order straight to your passenger side door.  Talk about simplifying your holidays!
For more information on how to order visit http://www.mancinisbreadcompany.com/ and Prantl's Bakery Facebook Fan Page.


Last Day for Farmers Market

Today is your last chance this year to visit the Market Square Farmers Market!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank this year's sponsor:

Right By Nature

Locally owned and operated, Right By Nature is a full service natural foods store.  They make healthy, natural, and organic food available at its freshest and at the lowest prices possible. They secure as much product as possible directly from the source, be it the ranch, farm, bottler, or preparer and they do it with in house staff which limits overhead and builds strong community relationships.

In addition to the Market Square Farmers Market, Right By Nature sponsors several locally based charities with donations of food, time, sponsorships, and by supporting events such as, Earth Day, the Pittsburgh Marathon, and Pittsburgh Bike-a-thon. On Tuesdays they host Neighborhood Nights where we invite a particular Pittsburgh neighborhood into the store for a talk centering around natural foods and offer those members of that neighborhood a 5% discount on their purchases.

As the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving next week, it's the perfect time to visit Right By Nature and treat your family!  To learn more about their fresh local products, view their cafe menu,  or to download their weekly sale circular, visit their website at http://www.rightbynature.net/.

We thank Right By Nature for supporting the Market Square Farmers Market and providing the Downtown community with a nearby option for fresh, local, natural foods.


Las Velas Mexican Restaurant

Las Velas Mexican Restaurant is located above Prantl’s Bakery and Mancini Bread Company. It has all the right elements for the perfect lunch, dinner or happy hour spot, including a fun atmosphere, excellent bar options, and a flavorful menu of recipes inspired by Mexico City and the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. Located in their lower level, the Las Velas Margarita bar is the perfect place to grab a few quick tacos for lunch, or to stop by for a late night bite to eat and a delicious margarita any way you like it. The margarita bar opens this Friday on Light Up Night! Las Velas feels it’s an exciting time in downtown Pittsburgh and are so excited to bring the workers, visitors, and residents a little taste of Mexico City and the Riviera Maya. For menus and more information, visit them online at LasVelasMexican.com.


MSq Construction Update

Construction is moving according to schedule!  Keep holding a good thought for mild weather so it can keep moving.  Some of the things you see there right now...

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority is finishing their work converting old pipes to new pipes in the center of the Square.

You can see where the finished grade of the Square will be by looking at manhole covers and other fixtures.

Now that we've all become used to the Square at its sub-level, its very startling to see where finished grade will be.  One thinks of the Square as a flat space but by looking at the different manhole heights you can see how steep the slope really is.

Any guesses what this is? 
Its the base of a light pole.  When the team is not working with them they place cones on top for safety and visibility.

And here you get a hint of the conduit that runs underground throughout the Square. 

This is why the underground work has taken so long. These pipes run throughout the Square. The grey pipes hold conduit and the white pipes will hold water to irrigate the trees. Sometimes as a construction project lays pipe, they place strings inside to mark where future wiring will run, so when the time comes to snake the wiring through, they have a guide to assist that process.

The Construction Team has given us a heads up... some very visible changes will be coming our way the end of this week and continuing into next week, so stop by the Square to see what happens!


1902 Landmark Tavern

If you can’t beat the rush hour traffic, don’t join them. Visit 1902 Tavern in Market Square for a daily Happy Hour from 5-7 p.m. 1902 Tavern is Pittsburgh’s original steak and chophouse for over 100 years. They specialize in homestyle pasta, prime steaks and chops; also serving a wide range of fresh steaks, seafood, chicken and more that is guaranteed to satisfy! Their restored Vodka Bar and Grille Room, private dining area and bar upstairs make special events “extra special.” Don’t have tickets to a Steelers game? Join 1902 for all Steelers Sunday Home Games for great Black & Gold Specials. Bar opens at 10 AM – Kitchen opens at 11 AM. New Owner Jeff Fleming and Manager Marty Mariani have done great things to the restaurant– stop in soon and say hello!

This Week at 1902 Tavern:
• $19.02 value-priced dinner specials every day
• On Wednesday, November 11th, all past and present Military personnel get a FREE Lunch or Dinner entree (up to $19.02 value with military proof of identification
• On Sunday, Nov. 15 in preparation for the Steelers home game WIN over the Bengals, with great Black & Gold Specials all day long such as: $7 Boilermakers, $3 Coors Light Drafts, $6 Bloody Marys, $5 Mimosas and $5 Black & Golds (Guinness & Stella)   

Fun fact:
1902 Tavern’s liquor license was the 8th issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and bears the certificate number R-8


Camera Repair Services Inc.

Camera Repair Services Inc.

Stop by Camera Repair Services Inc. to get all the equipment you need, or to repair your camera so you don’t miss out on capturing your holiday traditions. Camera Repair Service, Inc. has been established for about 75 years, and has been in Market Square for about 20 years. Moving from the previous location on Smithfield Street to Market Square was a great move; they feel customers have so much more access to the store, and can easily stop in for drop offs and pick ups on their lunch break while they spend their time at the many restaurants available in the area.

They specialize in repairing and servicing every camera, film or digital, old and new, as well as video and A/V equipment, all lenses, flashes and other accessories. Their technical staff has almost 30 years of experience, and prides themselves on efficient service for their customers. Repairs are estimated within a couple days, and normally finished in about a week’s time. They have access to a variety of parts and tools, often for cameras that many other repair centers will not even work on due to the age of the equipment.

Not just cameras...
In addition to repairing all photographic and video equipment, they also have a large inventory of refurbished items for sale. Most of their available equipment is displayed in the cases surrounding the walk-in area of the store. They have a selection of newer digital cameras and lenses for professional equipment, as well as almost every format of film camera made (35mm, 120, 4x5 etc). New students looking for a manual film camera have found the shop to be a great resource, as they always have lenses to choose from for their equipment. Clientele looking for video transfers can also utilize their services. They transfer most tape formats to DVD for $25/disc, and also do older film reels at .10/foot.

More information...
Check out their website as it is a great resource for those out of the area too! They have cameras shipped in from all over the world to repair here. Visit their page at www.camerarepairservice.com, which also has a full list of inventory items that is updated regularly.

Fun fact...
The world map wallpaper surrounding the interior of the shop was kept from the travel agency that used to do business out of this building, and it was kept as a cool feature for the store. A few folks from the G20 summit found it interesting to find their location when they stopped in during their visit.



SEASONAL DRINKS COMING:  Get your favorite classic or seasonal drinks from Starbucks starting November 3.  Order a Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte or their new flavor, Caramel Brulee. This year is also the 25th anniversary of their Christmas Blend, a blend of Latin American, Asia/Pacific, and Aged Sumatran beans. To celebrate, Starbucks will have special 25oz. bags for under $20.

SUPPORT YOUR CAFFEINE ADDICTION AND SAVE THE WORLD: December 1 is World AIDS Day and a portion of each hand-crafted beverage is donated to (RED) Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Purchase any (RED) product on sale now to commit even more funds to fighting AIDS in Africa.

ON THE GO:  In Market Square, it's convenient to everywhere you need to be.  Swing past in the morning for a breakfast paring - breakfast sandwich/tall coffee, or coffee cake/tall latte, for only $3.95, available all day. Grab some VIA Ready Brew for your new (RED) to-go mug.  Their new micro-ground coffee, VIA comes in little packs that dissolve in 8oz. of hot/cold water or milk for only $2.95/3-pack and $9.95/12-pack. 

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: The newly renovated café is the perfect place to host a small business meetings. And its easy to do work or homework, with a registered Starbucks card you can get 2 hours of free WiFi a day. 

ALL ABOUT THE BEANS:  Have you always wondered how Starbucks is so flavorful in every cup? Check out their website where you can learn about the growing to roasting process to make each cup of coffee rich and flavorful. Note: The Starbucks Anniversary Blend is almost sold out so if its your favorite go grab it while you can!


Discounts & Gift Certificates!

1902 Landmark Tavern and Bella Sera on the Square gift certificates

Enjoy the gorgeous weather and visit the Farmers Market!  The brussel sprouts have finally arrived (Come on, its not just me! Someone else out there must be excited about that, too!).  You can even see how they grow on their stalks, although their fluffy top leaves have been trimmed for transport. 

Each time you buy from a vendor you get a raffle ticket.  Winners picked this afternoon.  So get some pierogies, kielbasa and pie to finish off your brussell sprout meal! I know the Port Authority Construction just changed but pedestrian access is exactly the same as its been all summer.  So visit the market and take a saunter under the trees in Gateway Plaza on this gorgeous fall day.

Only 2 weeks left to use the Construction Coupon for Market Square merchants.  You can download it here.

And Dunkin Donuts has a new coupon up on the Market Square pages of the PDP website (scroll to the bottom).


MixStirs Cafe

Stay healthy during cold and flu season by boosting your immune system from 1 of 30 different fresh fruit smoothies from MixStirs Café in Market Square. MixStirs Café is a locally owned franchise that offers everything from delicious soups, to salads, wraps and paninis. Get your morning grub from bagels to breakfast burritos and a cup of coffee; locally roasted from neighbor, Nicholas Coffee. Think you are king or queen at rock, paper, scissors? Challenge the cashier before you pay and if you win you get $.50 off your order! Most of the employees you’ll meet are downtown students and residents. Mike, the owner, started MixStirs after getting his law degree from Duquesne Law and being a lawyer for 5 years. When Mike isn’t working, he is coaching his high school basketball team to a victory. (Fun Fact: When Sergio’s, owner of La Gondola, son was in high school, Mike coached him.). For a menu and more information visit www.mixstirs.com.

Congratulations to Laura Sowerby, winner of the Facebook and Twitter Market Square photo contest, every Friday at noon. Laura, please e-mail pdp@downtownpittsburgh.com to get your free lunch voucher.


Win the Good Stuff!

Fall Favorites: squash, sweet potato pierogies, pumkin bread, unusual varieties of apples, and more!
BONUS: Just to say thank you, when you buy from a vendor you get a raffle ticket! All through October win prizes just by shopping.  Last week Tina and Nina won gift certificates to Bella Sera on the Square, the City's first green-certified restaurant, opening in Market Square at the end of the month.

This week's prizes are donated by Franktuary, a gourmet hotdog shop located in the heart of Downtown. You can support your local food providers even in the middle of winter by grabbing a Locavore. The Locavore is a grass-fed, nitrate-free, all-beef frankfurter from Ron Gargasz Organic Farm of Volant, PA. When you order, you just ask for a Locavore and pick your style dog (maybe a Pittsburgh Locavore, with smooshed pierogie and coleslaw). Other local products you'll find at Frantuary: soda from the Natrona Bottling Company, pretzels from the Southside Pretzel Shop, and Miller's Mustard.

Thanks to Bella Sera on the Square, Franktuary, and 1902 Landmark Tavern for supporting the Market Square Farmers Market!  Remember, the more vendors you visit, the better your chances of winning!


Denham & Co. Salon

Denham & Co. is not your typical hair salon. You can get a manicure and pedicure or treat yourself to a relaxing facial or plant peel. Denham & Co. are the only Aveda salon downtown.

If you’re into antiques, you’ll feel right at home. Most of the furniture you see in the salon is an antique. If you see a piece you like, you may even be able to take it home with you, as they sell some antique pieces.

When you walk in the salon, you may be greeted by a friendly four legged friend. His name is Zeke, an 8 year old Italian Grey Hound that may want to cuddle up in your lap if he is not in his bed. One thing that owner, Tim, loves about his location in Market Square is his great window space and an awesome skylight above the receptionist desk. So stop in and treat yourself to a relaxing day at Denham & Co. Salon.


Raffle at the Farmers Market - all through October

Win a gift certificate just by shopping like you normally do!

For the rest of October, every time you buy something from a vendor at the Market Square Farmers Market, you get a raffle ticket.  Buy from five vendors and you get five tickets.  At the end of each market day we will draw two winners.  Prizes will be gift certificates to various Market Square and Buy Fresh, Buy Local restaurants Downtown.

Todays prizes are donated by Bella Sera on the Square. 

Slated to open at the end of the month, this will be the City's first green certified restaurant!  Lunch will be fast and casual, with sandwiches, soups, pastas, etc.  In the evening the lights go down and the music goes up, with a great wine and beer list, throw-back cocktails with a twist, and the delicious appetizers Bella Sera and Greco's Catering is known for.

For more info on the vendors at the farmers market, check the market out on the PDP website.  Other Buy Fresh, Buy Local information can be found through PASA and the Good Food Neighborhood.

So get out of your building and enjoy all the great fall products at the market, while the sun is out and the air is brisk and refreshing!


La Gondola Pizzeria

La Gondola Pizzeria has been in Market Square for 31 years. Sergio, owner, came to the U.S. with his parents when he was just 17 years old. Inspiration of opening his own pizza shop came from working at a local pizza shop when attending Pittsburgh University and his mother who has always worked in the restaurant business. You can find a wide variety of food on the menu from gourmet pizza to toasted hoagies, sides and salads. Sergio is always experimenting with new items to put on the menu, like the seafood hoagie (coming soon). The house salad dressing is a must to complete any salad from La Gondola. It’s so popular; Sergio decided to sell it by the quart so you can fulfill your craving at home! When dining, you may see local celebrities like the Steelers and Penguins that have occasionally stopped in; or you may see Bob, a lunch regular. Bob has been a loyal customer of La Gondola since it first opened. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for lunch, they are open until 8 p.m. so you can make it for dinner. La Gondola is located at 4 Market Square right beside Subway.

Congratulations to Shawna Pepper who won the Market Square photo contest on Friday. Shawna won a free lunch from La Gondola!

For your chance to win, be on the lookout every Friday from noon to 4 p.m. for a photo of the upcoming Market Square Merchant on Twitter and Facebook. E-mail guesses to pdp@downtownpittsburgh.com and if you guess correctly your name will be entered to win a prize from the featured merchant.