Crazy Mocha

Crazy Mocha was founded in 2000 by Ken and Michelle Zeff. Both were born and raised in Pittsburgh and live near the Sq Hill Tunnel. They opened their 23rd store this past month and have their 24th store planned for 225 Ross Street (the 11th downtown Pittsburgh location) in October and their 25th store planned for the Northside, which will open in late November. Crazy Mocha stores feature comfortable environments, free wireless and most importantly, freshly roasted coffee which they roast themselves. Each store is unique to the space and allows them to be creative without the pressures of corporate prototypes.

Ken and Michelle’s experiences in Market Square have been positive and they are proud to represent the local independent shops in the center meeting place of downtown. There are two entrances to Crazy Mocha, through Market Square or directly through PPG Place.

Two PPG Place


What's with the flowers?

Market Square has been pretty quiet.  WAAAAAYYY quieter than anyone imagined it would be.  But there has been one riot... a riot of flowers.

The few businesses that did board up for the G-20 did it in style.  These MSq businesses participated in the Pittsburgh Beautification Project.

The Pittsburgh Beautification Project began when artist Bob Ziller decided to add a little life to a boarded up building at the foot of the Birmingham Bridge. After doing a second project in Lawrenceville, the Pittsburgh Beautification Project received a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund.  Bob painted the background and over 100 community volunteers, including many children, painted the flowers.  The boards were created for buildings throughout the City and were completed in time for use during the G-20.  They will be removed and reused on properties throughout the City.  But as fall continues and real flowers die, we'll still have some of Andy Warhol's in Market Square on the former G.C. Murphy Building as construction continues to transform it for exciting new uses as Market Square Place.

If your neighborhood would benefit from the Pittsburgh Beautification Project, you may nominate a property by sending the property address to Bob Ziller, 412-606-1220.  Please nominate properties where formal or casual consent of the property owner can be obtained.  The next painting party will be held on Friday, October 2, 7pm to midnight at 4810 Penn Avenue.

If the flowers on Market Square Place aren't enough for you, take a walk over the 7th Street Bridge to see some of Andy Warhol's other work and the exhibit of G-20 political cartoons at the Warhol.  (And then come back to MSq for some grub.  I bet the walk will make you hungry!)


Come back everyone!

Someone in our office just got back from a walk through town and said it was BORING!  It is getting a little more active now but Downtown is pretty darn tame compared to what everyone was expecting.  We've only seen a couple protest groups but all they have done is process down the sidewalk at a stately and somber pace with signs, flags and images.  All very respectful and peaceful.  And there are cops everywhere!  I felt completely safe wandering around the streets by myself.  I guess what the Police said ahead of time is right, Downtown is going to be the safest place in Pittsburgh!

It was super fast to get here this morning - the EBA went from East Liberty to Mellon Arena in about 15 minutes, despite the reroute.

If you are already Downtown, go out and have lunch somewhere to support the businesses who stayed open. 

If you aren't Downtown, hop on a bus, or get on your bike and come down to show everyone what Pittsburgh is really like!  Check out Tuesday's blog post for the list of MSq restuarants open today.  Or, for the list of restaurants all over Downtown that are open these 2 days, click here: http://www.downtownpittsburgh.com/whats-new/g-20-summit

PS  If you can come Downtown tomorrow (to work or have lunch on your vacation day), wear some Black & Gold to show the world your Pittsburgh Pride!


G-20 in Market Square

Are you used to the same smiling face handing you a morning coffee?  Have a lunch or dinner craving that must be satisfied?

There's no denying the G-20 will impact everyone's lives in Pittsburgh, but here's some continuity for you.... 
These MSq merchants will be open to welcome the world on Thursday and Friday:

Primanti Brothers
Moe's Southwest Grill
The Original Oyster House
1902 Landmark Tavern
Dunkin Donuts

And the newest arrivals in Market Square, tenants in Pittbsurgh History & Landmarks Foundation's LEED certified building, restored according to federal historic guildelines, called Market at Fifth. They pushed hard so they could open in time for the G-20...
Nettleton Shop of Pittsburgh
Heinz Healy's, Gentlemen's Apparel

Stop by and check out these great new additions to the historic Market Square - enjoy!

Note: This list is subject to change.  You can call ahead if you need confirmation from a business.


Amy Epstein Jewelry & Accessories

The holiday season is approaching fast and you won’t want to miss out on that perfect gift for someone on your list. Start your shopping now and receive a FREE gift with purchase of $40 or more through September 18 at Amy Epstein Jewelry & Accessories, a cute “shabby chic” boutique located on Graeme Street next to MixStirs and across the street from Nicholas Coffee.

Amy specializes in offering a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry, designed by Amy. In addition to her jewelry, she brings in New York designs of sterling silver jewelry and trendy and classic accessories to add more variety. Don’t see exactly what you want? That’s not a problem. Amy offers the option of custom design work that only a true artisan, like Amy, can deliver. Amy has always loved fashion and keeps up with all the current fashion trends.

Be sure to also stop in to the Camera Repair shop on Market Street and say hi to Amy’s brother, owner Aaron Klein.


Construction Update - Everybody Loves Sewers...

During the first two weeks, all the vertical elements and reusable/recyclable materials were removed from the Square. Once the reusable materials were safely away, the big equipment came in and broke down cement, like this...

Then, the Square was a blank canvas ready for work...
And now we begin the infastructure work that will give us a transformed Square...
Since the contour of the ground in Market Square will be different the location of sewer inlets and catch basins will need to be moved so we have optimal drainage in public walkways, the roadway and around businesses.  And while the crew is down there, they will be upgrading all the old pipes.  Ah, the things that make modern life possible.
So head down for Friday Happy Hour to celebrate the Steelers win, the start of the weekend and check out the big holes in the ground!


Dunkin Donuts

It seems so long ago now... but remember how sad (even devastated) people were when that last Dunkin' Donuts closed a few years back?  Remember that surge of joy when people realized Dunkin' Donuts was coming back?  Remember last summer when people were so excited the lines were out the door for the entire first week of Dunkin' Donuts reopening?  Clearly, Pittsburgh missed its Dunkin.'
That kind of loyalty isn't surprising when you see what Dunkin' Donuts does to support the community.  Before they even opened last summer Dunkin's Donuts was the major sponsor for the Stay & Play Friday evening concert series produced by PUMP.  They also partner with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, Central Blood Bank, the Marines Toys for Tots program and events and nonprofits throughout the City and region.
And Dunkin' isn't just back... there are more Dunkin' options to love!  They still have great coffee and a huge variety of donuts, but they also have savory options for breakfast and lunch, plus their Smart Menu with healthy options like an eggwhite flatbread sandwich, cuz let's face it, donuts are delicious but its not likely to be the next hot diet trend (although I still can't figure out how something that tastes so good can be so bad!).
So, if you need to cool off with a Coolatta, warm up with a hot coffee, fill up with a flatbread, or feed your sweet tooth with your favorite variety of donut, Dunkin' has something for you.  Download a coupon to make this good deal even better!  Then visit their website for even more offers: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/.


Still have questions about Downtown Living?

Why Downtown is a community, not just a place to live:
  • Vertical Life Blog - residents write articles/reviews and talk to each other about Downtown resident "stuff" (for more on the "stuff," check it out at www.verticallifepgh.com)
  • Block Party - annual gathering planned by residents, for residents; the first will be held this October on Penn Ave
  • Pets Downtown - many of the buildings allow pets and a Downtown off-leash dog park is in the works
  • Welcome Packet - the day you move in you'll find an info kit to get you acquainted with your new hood
  • Resident Resource Guide - everything from bars & restaurants, to the nearest dry cleaner, and more
  • Hear it straight from a DT resident: http://www.downtownpittsburgh.com/living (just scroll down)
The PDP Website offers many helpful tools for DT residents:
And on top of all that, you've got Market Square!  What better place to wake up and say... "I'm home."


More housing options at Market Square...

Today we feature Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation's residential offering:

Market at Fifth
This is one of the first projects in the country to achieve GOLD LEED certification while also restoring in accordance with federal historic standards.

Made up of three adjacent historic buildings, there are seven light-filled apartments.  Options range from 880 to 1,070 sq. feet with rents between $1,350 and $2,200 per month.

Some of the features you'll find:
  • 15-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows in many units
  • bamboo flooring and granite countertops
  • two of the units have a private roof deck
Some of the green features in this GOLD LEED building:
  • Ability to purchase "green power" from utility companies
  • A minimum of 75% construction waste diverted from landfill by sorting and recycling
  • Vegetative roof to reduce heat absorption and reduce rainwater runoff
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, sealants and carpets
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products from managed forests
Four of the units are already reserved so check them out now if you're interested!  To get a fact sheet or arrange a tour, contact Michael Sriprasert at 412-471-5808 or michael@phlf.org.  Move in is anticipated for this October.