Market Square: Buy The Book!

Well, last week we opened a new chapter on Market Square with the return of the Farmers Market. Now, we turned another page yesterday when the Carnegie Library of Downtown set up its mobile branch in the Square for the very first Tuesday Reading Room.  We think this will be one of the year’s best sellers.  

Here’s how it works. Every other Tuesday though October 19, the Library will sell used paperbacks and hardcover books in the Square from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  And you won’t believe how affordable the prices are. For just 50 cents, you can pick up a paperback, and a hardcover is just a buck. Even better, the money from the books will help keep Carnegie Libraries open and their programs going strong.

Even without a lot of advance notice, Downtown bookworms got to the Square early to catch their favorite titles. By 12:30 more than half the books on the cart were gone. And we spotted more than a few buyers sipping icy, cool drinks and satisfying their literary appetites in the midst of city’s lunchtime bustle.

In case you’re wondering, the next Tuesday Reading Room is set for June 22. And Karen Rossi — she’s the Downtown branch manager — invites everyone to browse the books up for grabs and encourages them to sign up for the library’s Summer Reading program to earn points and prizes for every book they read.

Oh, if you happen to have any books you’ve already finished, don’t toss them in the trash. Karen says the library accepts previously enjoyed books to keep the Reading Room shelves stocked. To recycle your old books, just drop them off at the Downtown branch at 612 Smithfield Street.

Remember the next Carnegie Library Tuesday Reading Room in Market Square is June 22. Book it now. 


  1. What a great idea.

  2. I was in Market Square today around noon and did not see the "reading room." Where is it located?? very disappointed. I love to read.

  3. The thunderstorm that morning was so bad the PDP and Library made a joint decision to cancel. We were extra nervous because the cover for our bookcart hasn't arrived yet. Plus the librarian was coming from a different branch so we couldn't change our minds once it got nice. When we bring it back on 7/6 you'll see a tent with a banner and our mini-library beneath. I hope you come back and look for us!

  4. On the Downtown Pittsburgh site it mentions that this event is every Tuesday but after reading your blog, it looks like it might be every OTHER Tuesday. Which is correct? Can't wait to visit!

  5. Last year, in 2010, we tested the concept by hosting the Reading Room every other week. But this year it is every Tuesday. They are planning to add some programming elements in the coming weeks so stop on by!