Meet The Squaretaker

Just about the time you're pounding the snooze button on the alarm, Brock Wilson  is already working hard to make sure that Market Square is spic and span for another day. You see, Brock is the guy who sweeps the terrazzo, arranges the chairs and tables and generally keeps the Square looking great all day long. So whether you're in the Square to sip a morning cup of coffee while you puzzle over the New York Times Crosswords or unwind with a Smoothie at lunch or enjoy an apres-dinner stroll as the days draws to a close, Brock is the guy who makes the place feel like home. That's why around the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, we call Brock "The Squaretaker." 

Chances are you've seen Brock in the Square. He's the tall guy with the long blond hair who never seems to stop moving. Sometimes even we have a hard time keeping up with him. But Brock will tell you that he's got a job to do — especially as more and more of the new Square opens up for even greater use by the thousands of people who visit it each day.

"People expect the Square to be clean," Brock will tell you as he surveys the scene for any signs of litter or a chair not coupled with a table. "Most of the times, they pick up pretty well after themselves. But after big events like the Fourth of July, there's a lot of work to do."

On the job since last August, Brock brings a smile to the Sqaure every day. Along with exchanging hellos with merchants, he's doing a great job as the Square's goodwill ambassador. In between sweeping up a stray piece of paper, he'll help Downtown visitors find their way to various points north, south, east and west of the Square. "People always have questions about how to get from one place to another," he says. "I do my best to explain how to get there as fast as possible."

Just like the rest of us, Brock is happy that the Square is almost finished and bustling with people during the Farmers Market on Thursdays. But he's quick to point out that more and more people are coming to the Square every day. So, the next time you're there, make sure you try to spot Brock. Chances are you'll find him just about anywhere, keeping the Square looking its best just for you.

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