Fall Into Square Fashion

Just the other day, we heard the TV weatherman say that autumn really begins on September 1. That confused us a bit because we sweated through 90-plus degrees temperatures all last week. Then all of a sudden, a big chill blasted through the city and cooled down Downtown over the weekend. So maybe Mr. Meteorologist really does know his stuff. But we don't need to know which way the wind blows to figure out when to pack up our summer clothes until next year. All we do is draw a big red circle around Labor Day on the calendar to mark the start of the official fall fashion season.

Which brings up another issue...who wants to kick off a new fashion season in last year's styles? Of course, we all know the answer to that one. But, just in case, you need a few hints about where to find the latest fall looks, we can point you in the right direction. Let's make this easy and start right in the center of Market Square, where your first shopping destination is in plain sight. We could call that a bit of Serendipity, the tres chic boutique just a few steps away on Forbes Avenue. Let's just say that Serendipity is the perfect place to discover the hottest new trends in handbags, jewelry and accessories of all sorts from New York City to LA — all handpicked by the fabulous fashsionistas who own this hip hot spot.

Since we're putting away our sleeveless tops, sandals and Capris, we'll tell you where in the Square you can find ultra cool jeans, sunglasses and more hip gear for fall. Actually, that would be WEAR on Market Square — the tiny, tucked away shop on Graeme Street, just across from the Bella Sera restaurant. Though WEAR might be the smallest storefront in the Square, it's big on attitude and style.

Ladies, we all know that most guys would wear the same old shirts, slacks, socks and shoes year after year until everything crumbled into one big pile of lint, which they would never clean up. So we recommend a short trip around the corner from WEAR to the Heinz Healy's apparel store on Fifth Avenue. Whether it's casual wear or a tux — and everything in between — this is the place for men to get in touch with their inner GQ style.

Gentlemen, while we're on the subject, let's keep walking to the Nettleton Shop, that classy little footwear emporium on Market Street. In business Downtown for more than 80 years, Nettleton has been helping Pittsburgh men put their best foot forward in some of the finest shoes made on this planet. Aside from the shoes, Nettleton can help professional men get their hands on handcrafted brief cases, belts, wallets and other fine leather goods.

Just so we see eye to eye on all this, let's agree that we always want to look our best. Which is why we suggest a new stop on the Square shopping circuit. Maybe you've already noticed 3 Guys Optical on the ground floor of the beautifully renovated Buhl Building on the corner of Fifth Avenue and McMasters Way. Operated by the same people who run the classy Eyetique stores around town, 3 Guys will focus their attention you and that just right look for your new specs.

Of course, if you have the time, you'll find plenty more fall fashions at Larrimor's, Macy's, Sak's, the Shops at Fifth Avenue Place, Boutique La Passerelle on Wood Street and more around Downtown. So the next time we see you in the Square, you better be stylin'.

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  1. I LOVE 3 Guys Optical!! You couldn't ask for a more afordable, in-fashion optical store!