Farmers Market In The Square Extended

Let's just say that the Farmers Market in Market Square has a way of growing on you. Which is why we're really happy to tell you that the bounty of fresh foods — plus bushels of pastries, Greek treats, pierogies and other goodies — will continue to take root in Market Square through the end of the year.

After talking with the vendors we added another six weeks or so to the selling season. Some of you may remember that the year before construction we went through December too, with one of the longest outdoor market seasons in the City.  Last year we cut it short due to construction in the Square, but this year we're back!  And that means you'll be able to stock up on supplies for Turkey Day and other special occasions throughout this holiday season.

Speaking of the holidays, friends of the Farmers Market might just notice that a few special festive touches in the Square as work crews begin installing the 143,268 lights that will twinkle, blink and dazzle everyone who visits the Square during our very first Market Square Season of Lights extravaganza, funded by Colcom Foundation. The amazing LED display will flash and sparkle and add an extra-special glow to the Square — with synchronized shows every evening — through the holiday season and into the new year.

Now, we're certainly basking in  this week's hot spell and even spotted more than a few folks dining al fresco in the Square during lunch. But keep in mind that after this Wednesday, our Clean Team will be moving most of the tables and chairs from the center of the Square to the storage room to make way for Light Up Night festivities on November 19 and 20. After that, a few of the tables and chairs will return for the winter, so you still have a brief escape from the office and good people watching!

So whether you're looking for some local veggies for the holiday dinner table or an afternoon treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Farmers Market in the Square is where you ought to be.

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