A Good Read — And More — In The Square

We're going to keep turning the pages for the Carnegie Library's Tuesday Reading Room in Market Square. Just in case all you bookworms didn't already mark your calendar, staff members from the Library's Downtown branch will park its book cart in the Square every Tuesday right up to October 11. That means there's plenty more chances to browse this rolling bookstore that's packed with great reads at bargain prices of just 50 cents for paperback books and $1 for hardcovers. And every time you buy a novel, how-to guide, memoir or any of the terrific selections on hand each week, the proceeds will help keep the Carnegie Library system and programs like the Reading Room going strong.

But there's more to the Reading Room. Each Tuesday through the end of the month, a special guest speaker will be on hand from noon - 1 p.m. to help Reading Room fans to, well, read between the lines, you could say, on various topics. For instance, this week, writer and local entrepreneur Razi Imam will speak about Junoon, an amazing force that helps people overcome barriers that often prevent them from reaching their true and full potential. Razi also will talk about his best-selling self-help book, Driven: A How-To Strategy to Unlock your Greatest Potential. Ravi has harnessed this force to start several local high-tech companies, including Landslide Technologies and 113 Industries. So why not stop by to discover how you can be all that you can be?

Did you ever wish you could speak another language — or even three? Well, let's just say that the Mango Languages system could put a few new words in your mouth. Praised by The Los Angeles Times as a great resource for travelers, Mango can help you master 30 languages from French to Mandarin Chinese through a variety of audio and visual tools. Best of all, you can get a taste of Mango for free with your Carnegie Library membership. Save the date of August 23 for a free, noontime demonstration of Mango and how to set up a Mango Languages account to start learning now.

Back by popular demand, "30 Books in 30 Minutes" is a speedy way to get a quick read on a book that maybe didn't quite make the radar as far as best-seller lists or even Oprah's Booklist. Selected by the Library staff, these choice picks include new, old and some offbeat titles selected by the people who know best what's worth reading on the library's shelves. Quick and to the point, this fast-paced half-hour book review is sure to help you check out a couple titles just right for you.

Now, we have an inside source at the library who tells us that these lunchtime talks will continue during September and October, with a special floral arrangement session where attendees can bring their own live blooms or dried flowers for tips on creating an amazing autumn bouquet. And for a really sweet treat, Danielle Spinola of Tupelo Honey Teas will steep a pot or two of her specialty brews that A-List guests are sipping at some of the city's swankiest parties. When she's not at the Square, you can catch a buzz from Danielle's teas at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip.

One thing we've learned about Pittsburghers who visit the Square during lunch each Tuesday is that they have a big appetite — for books. But we really hope that everyone who stops by the Reading Room discovers what Molly Krichten already knows about the Carnegie Library system...

"We are glad to be a part of everything that's going on in Market Square," says Molly, who is the coordinator of LYNCS, which stands for Libraries in Your Communities and Schools. "The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership has dedicated itself to making the Square an exciting place. When people visit the Reading Room in the Square, we want them to learn that the library is doing really cool things in Pittsburgh, too."

Lesson learned, Molly. And you can be sure we'll be booking it to the Square.

For the latest list on upcoming Reading Room programming, keep checking back with the Market Square Calendar.

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