Park It In And Around The Square

Want to come Downtown for dinner or a show but think it's hard to find parking?  Did you know that there are more than 2,550 spaces in a half dozen parking garages located within a 2-3 minute walk of the Square? Forget all that trolling the streets for a spot, and slide right into a comfy garage.  All these lots offer flat rates of $5 and $6 for an entire evening's parking. That's a whole lot of peace-of-mind for less than the cost of an appetizer. So read on to discover where you can find bargain parking rates within a stone's throw of the Square.

Sixth & Penn: Like the name says, the auto entrance for this garage is on Penn Avenue at Sixth Street. But a Liberty Avenue pedestrian entrance cuts down the walking distance to the Square.  After 4 p.m., the normal rates drop to $6 for any of the 500 spaces inside. If you're going to a show at Heinz Hall, Sixth & Penn is the perfect location for an evening that includes a pre- or apres-show dinner in the Square.

Fifth Avenue Place: Tucked away at the very end of Fifth Avenue, this 270-space underground garage sits below the Highmark Building. It's the perfect prescription for the parking blues with a $5 rate after 5 p.m. As you walk to the Square, take a look up at the corner of Liberty and Fifth to take in the triangular-shaped Diamond Building across the street, one of Downtown's many early 20th-century skyscrapers.

Town Place Garage: Located on Stanwix Street, next to the main PPG Place building, 100 prime parking spots await you. On your way to the Square, stop at the PPG Plaza to watch the dancing waters of the plaza fountain during the warm weather months or admire the graceful skaters on the Hillman Rink when winter arrives. After 5 p.m., the parking rate is just $5.

PPG Place Garage: One of two garages with entrances on Third Avenue, PPG Place offers 707 spaces of parking under Philip Johnson's glimmering, neo-Gothic, 40-story glass tower. You won't need to reflect too long to realize that the after-4 p.m. rate of $5 is a special, too.

Third Avenue Garage: Almost across the street from PPG Place, the Third Avenue Garage offers the choice of entrances and exits on Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue. After 5 p.m., any of the garage's 570 spots can be yours for just $5. By the way, if you need new heels on your evening footwear, there's even a shoe repair shop near the Fourth Avenue entrance.

Three PNC Plaza: You might not recognize the name. But you'll know the location when we tell you that this 335-spot garage is in the city's newest high-rise that just happens to be the home of the fabulous Fairmont Hotel, between Fifth and Liberty Avenues. Once the clock strikes 4 p.m.,  the parking rate drops to $5.

The cherry on top of this parking sundae... the great $5 and $6 flat rates at these garages are in effect all day long on Saturdays and Sundays  — no matter what time of the day you park or how long you stay. Keep in mind, too, that there are plenty more spaces at discounted evening and weekend rates at garages at Sixth Street, Theater Square, Liberty and Ninth Street, Ninth and Penn and more. You can find a whole map of the $5 discounted evening and weekend rates at DowntownPittsburgh.com/Parking. When it comes to worry-free, affordable parking in and around the Square, these garages are just the ticket!

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