Take The "T" Train

People get ready there's a train a comin' to the new Gateway T Station on March 25. And you don't need a ticket to climb aboard for a free ride from Downtown to destinations on the nearby North Shore. Yes, it's true, this upcoming Sunday morning the Port Authority's long awaited T-Plus extension of the subway will forever link Downtown with the city's North Side with a two-minute tunnel trip under the Allegheny River.

Stretching 1.2 miles from its glass cocoon at Gateway Station in front of Fifth Avenue Place, the new line goes underground and underwater to reach the North Side Station just across the street from the Honus Wagner statue in front of PNC Park.  It then emerges from the earth to rise above street level towards its final stop at the elevated Allegheny Station next to Heinz Field. Along with two of the city's favorite sports palaces, the new line pulls attractions such as the Carnegie Science Center, Rivers Casino, National Aviary, Children's Museum, Stage AE, hotels, restaurants and other must-see tourist destinations on the North Shore closer than ever to Downtown.

Now, besides the fun side of the T-Plus, the North Shore extension will help ease the daily parking crunch commuters face in Downtown garages, which often turn on their "full" signs by 8:30 a.m. Thanks to support from the Stadium Authority and ALCO Parking, all rides between the North Side Station and all Downtown T stations will be free. Convenience is the word! The stop is located under the West General Robinson Street garage and trains running every four minutes during morning/evening rush hours. Considering that drivers won't have to circle around town looking for a open garage or lot, we expect drive time to be shorter than ever.

Travel is also free when you head the other way. From any Downtown stop you can head to Allegheny Station for some gridiron action, an educational field trip or a date with "lady luck," and the trip is on the house courtesy of the Steelers and Rivers Casino. Though it might be the last stop on the T-Plus, Allegheny Station is just the beginning of all sorts of fun for nearly everyone.

Now, here's another big plus about the  new subway line.  While the T-Plus is a big benefit for daily commuters, the extension pays some pretty nice dividends for the after-work crowd. For instance, since the ride doesn't cost a dime, the new line is the perfect way to save significant cash on "special rate" parking for sporting events and concerts on the North Shore. Many Downtown garages offer flat rates as low as $5 after 5 p.m. Park, then jump on the T for a free ride to the other side of the river. With four Downtown stations to choose from, our very walkable Downtown just got a whole lot easier. What we really mean to say is it just got a lot easier to spend a little extra time and money in Market Square!  It's just one block from the new Gateway Station. Market Square: the new best place for your pre-game snack, or your post-show drink.  Even better, afterwards you'll beat traffic congestion around the ball fields and concert venues. That's a win even if the home team doesn't score a victory.

There's a new day coming in Pittsburgh transportation. And the train leaves the station this Sunday morning. All aboard!

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