"Skip Your Lunch" and Start Your Weekend Off on 'the Right Foot!'

Yes, it's true - every day, youngsters in and around the Pittsburgh area go to bed with empty stomachs and wake up without enough to eat. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank along with One Young World's Wake Up Call USA Group, are teaming up to help feed local kids for the "Skip Your Lunch, Feed A Child" campaign. You can do your part by stopping by the lobby of 2 PPG Place to donate your "lunch money" which will provide healthy, nutritious food to hungry children in our community.

 Originally scheduled in Market Square, this Tuesday's event, which has been moved due to inclement weather, is asking everyone to make a small sacrifice for a really big cause — fighting hunger among local kids. Now, you really don't have to skip lunch, but every $10 in donations will help put food on the table, or in lunch bags, for at least 20 hungry kids throughout Western Pennsylvania. Across the country, one in six children live in homes where adults have a hard time keeping the kitchen pantry filled. Closer to home, each month the Food Bank helps feed 40,000 kids, with possibly even three times more youngsters in need. If you do actually skip lunch, your stomach might be a little empty, but your heart will be filled with the satisfaction that somewhere in our region, a child will enjoy a good meal.  If you still need to satisfy that lunchtime craving, walk over to Market Square to visit any of the quick and easy eateries. If for whatever reason you just can't get out of the office today, it's easy to make a donation online too.

Come this Friday evening, they might not be dancing in the streets, but plenty of people will be kicking up their heels in the Square to start "National Ballroom Dance Week" off on the right foot. To get everyone in the swing of things, 20 young talents from the Fairmont State University Ballroom Dance Club will entertain the T.G.I.F. crowd, starting at 6pm. After that, a "flash mob" of local ballroom dancers will fill the Square to dance the night away — and there's even more dancing if you head over to the Backstage Cabaret in Theater Square during the always hot, hot, hot Salsa Fridays.

So whether you like to Foxtrot, Tango, Cha-cha or Rumba, this is one dance party you won't want to miss.


  1. You have heard of Dancing with the stars this is closer to dancing under the stars. Actually the sun will still be up at 5:45 PM the time I heard it starts. Everyone come and dance.


  2. Sounds like fun. I will be there!!