Las Velas Opens!

Located above Prantl's and Mancini's, Las Velas is open today!  David and Ginny kicked off the opening with a party for friends last night.  Those of you that followed Ginny as PittGirl, will be pleased to know that the Mayor & Yarone Zober hold her in high esteem and dropped by last night to contratulate David & Ginny and welcome their business to Market Square.  Amid the diverse crowd of young professionals, familes with small children, and the Mayor, we also spotted Franco Harris.  Las Velas is the place to be!  See their menu options at LasVelasMex.com (there is a lunch menu but you can order the special dinner items any time of day).

In addition to the great food and welcoming atmosphere, Las Velas has a sweet view of the ongoing construction in Market Square.  If you stop by today for lunch, you'll see the crew is not working today.  They are working hard to get the sewer infastructure done.  Yesterday they set a catch-basin by Market Street.  The next step is removing the old catch basins that were along the old curb line.  Since this may disrupt traffic a little, the crew will be working on Saturday instead of today.  Check out the photos of their progress...

Those big metal squares get dropped in and situated just right...

The big circular unit behind the catch basin in a manhole.

Manholes and catchbasins used to be made of brick.  You can see a tiny bit of an older manhole here...

The new ones are being done with a metal core and cement structure around it.

There is a great view from the windows in Las Velas of the cement inside its box.  If you go at the right time you can watch them remove the wooden frames revealing the finished cement structure before it gets covered back up under ground!


  1. Cement is in bags,concrete is in concrete trucks.Cement is an ingredient in concrete like flour is a cake ingredient.

  2. We miss Buon Giorno Market Square. They renovated for the new downtown, but bit the dust. R.I.P