Win the Good Stuff!

Fall Favorites: squash, sweet potato pierogies, pumkin bread, unusual varieties of apples, and more!
BONUS: Just to say thank you, when you buy from a vendor you get a raffle ticket! All through October win prizes just by shopping.  Last week Tina and Nina won gift certificates to Bella Sera on the Square, the City's first green-certified restaurant, opening in Market Square at the end of the month.

This week's prizes are donated by Franktuary, a gourmet hotdog shop located in the heart of Downtown. You can support your local food providers even in the middle of winter by grabbing a Locavore. The Locavore is a grass-fed, nitrate-free, all-beef frankfurter from Ron Gargasz Organic Farm of Volant, PA. When you order, you just ask for a Locavore and pick your style dog (maybe a Pittsburgh Locavore, with smooshed pierogie and coleslaw). Other local products you'll find at Frantuary: soda from the Natrona Bottling Company, pretzels from the Southside Pretzel Shop, and Miller's Mustard.

Thanks to Bella Sera on the Square, Franktuary, and 1902 Landmark Tavern for supporting the Market Square Farmers Market!  Remember, the more vendors you visit, the better your chances of winning!

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