Mancini's Bread Company and Prantl's Bakery

Make sure you have a crowd pleasing meal this holiday season. Mancini’s Bread Company and Prantl’s Bakery have joined forces in Market Square.  Stop in for the perfect bread and dessert that will leave your guests wanting more.

At Mancini’s you will find everything from white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, marble, raisin bread, twist bread and much more. Stop in at lunch time and get their famous pepperoni rolls, or other rolled sanwiches. Don't want to wait until lunch? Stop in for a fabulous breakfast roll, served till 10:30 a.m.

You don’t have to travel far for that perfect dessert.  Prantl's burnt almond torte is the “icing on the cake” for any meal. It is made with their famous yellow "scrap" batter cake, creamy custard, homemade buttercream and loads of secret recipe toasted almonds. They also have a generous selection of cakes, pies, pastries and rolls.

Mancini Bread Company originated in 1926 when James Mancini, an Italian immigrant opened a one room bakery in McKees Rocks, PA. At fourteen, Jim apprenticed himself to a baker. Jim, who loved to experiment, developed his own bread formula. He rented a space and began a tradition by baking 100 loaves a night and then delivering the fresh bread to his customers the next morning. The "twist " bread was his trademark. Jim's father, Frank Mancini, built a small bakery building in the West Park section of McKees Rocks for him. Jim's brother, Ernie joined him as a partner. Ernie's son, Frankie, joined the firm in 1971. Although Mancini's® now bakes more than ten thousand loaves a day, the bakery still utilizes most of the same Old World techniques, which Jim Mancini practiced in 1926. The bakery employs forty-eight people and operates twenty-four hours a day except for Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. The bread is delivered to restaurants, grocery stores and hoagie shops in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Prantl’s Bakery is one of the last of the local independent bakeries in a chain store age. Prantl's has been named one of Pittsburgh's best bakeries, by Pittsburgh City Paper and Pittsburgh Magazine. Over 40 Years of business is contributed to hard work, dedication and of course the famous burnt almond torte. Good news, you can now send a torte! Prantl’s famous burnt almond torte is now available for shipping. Send early to avoid disappointment - their torte freezes beautifully. The "travel" version of their famous burnt almond torte is made with their special recipe "wedding creme" custard so it doesn't require refrigeration. You can now enjoy Pittsburgh's most famous dessert anywhere!

Curbside Pick-up To make life easier during the Market Square Construction, you can pick your orders up curbside.  Eliminate the need to parking Downtown!  Pay for your order on the phone and describe your vehicle and when you pull up a staff member will run your completed order straight to your passenger side door.  Talk about simplifying your holidays!
For more information on how to order visit http://www.mancinisbreadcompany.com/ and Prantl's Bakery Facebook Fan Page.

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