MSq Construction Update

Construction is moving according to schedule!  Keep holding a good thought for mild weather so it can keep moving.  Some of the things you see there right now...

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority is finishing their work converting old pipes to new pipes in the center of the Square.

You can see where the finished grade of the Square will be by looking at manhole covers and other fixtures.

Now that we've all become used to the Square at its sub-level, its very startling to see where finished grade will be.  One thinks of the Square as a flat space but by looking at the different manhole heights you can see how steep the slope really is.

Any guesses what this is? 
Its the base of a light pole.  When the team is not working with them they place cones on top for safety and visibility.

And here you get a hint of the conduit that runs underground throughout the Square. 

This is why the underground work has taken so long. These pipes run throughout the Square. The grey pipes hold conduit and the white pipes will hold water to irrigate the trees. Sometimes as a construction project lays pipe, they place strings inside to mark where future wiring will run, so when the time comes to snake the wiring through, they have a guide to assist that process.

The Construction Team has given us a heads up... some very visible changes will be coming our way the end of this week and continuing into next week, so stop by the Square to see what happens!

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