Snow Got You Hiding in Your Office?

It's yucky out.  Pittsburghers don't go outside when it's yucky.  This winter is especially yucky.

We asked the merchants how Pittsburghers can show their support but still stay warm & cozy.  Scroll through to see what they sent us:

Lubin & Smalley Flowers website
Camera Repair Service website
Dunkin' Donuts look online then email
Serendipity Accessories website, free shipping on all online orders

Moe's Southwest Grill (Minimum $50 order)
Bruegger's Bagels (Downtown)
Galardi's 30-Minute Cleaners 412-471-7968
Lubin & Smalley Flowers
Bella Sera
Camera Repair Service (they ship any and everything)
Dunkin' Donuts (any business location up to 5 miles from the city and anywhere within the city)
Prantl's Bakery (Free delivery within downtown on orders placed a day in advance)

Moe's Southwest Grill (Contact our Director of Sales Ken Middlemiss at 724-816-4945)
Bruegger's Bagels
Bella Sera
Dunkin' Donuts - up to 300 people
Prantl's Bakery - breakfast, junior pastries or other assorted pastry trays

CALL AHEAD, PICK UP (those with an * also offer curbside pickup)
Moe's Southwest Grill menu, 412-224-4422, please provide 15 minutes advance notice
Bruegger's Bagels menu, 412-281-2515
The Nettleton Shop* website 412-471-5520
Lubin & Smalley Flowers* website 412-471-2200
Bella Sera menu 412-281-6363
Camera Repair Service* 412-261-5225
Dunkin' Donuts* menu & nutrition 412-281-3195
Prantl's Bakery email and they'll fax or email you the menu
The Original Oyster House menu FAX 412-566-1021
Las Velas Mexican Restaurant menus 412.281.8180 (they will be adding catering and deliver services soon)

So go support a merchant without your toes getting cold!


  1. Excellent idea! I used the delivery service with Galardi's Cleaners today! I feel good knowing I am supporting a business in Market Square while enjoying great convenience not having to walk outside in the muck!

  2. Oh man I wish I had read this yesterday... I did trek all the way down to Market Square in the muck to pick up my dry cleaning at Galardi's! I agree though, we need to support our Market Square merchants!