Watch the Progress...

We are really seeing some progress out there despite the cold temperatures.

The belgian block crew has gotten all the way to Primanti Brothers.  That's amazing progress when you consider how much time it takes to set the sand base, make sure the grade is right so that water flows towards the inlets, set the sand/cement mix and let it cure and doing it in below freezing temperatures.  Heck, just think about how much time it takes to move the rocks themselves around!  Those things are heavy!  The granite curb has been installed all along this southern half of Market Square so now the team is filling in the space.  Here are some pictures of what they're doing now...

What a strong roadway!

 Shoveling the sand bed...
Backbreaking, detailed work. 
See the yellow guideline to keep the horozontal pattern straight?  After the stone is down in the sand they tap it into place with a mallet.

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