The pool is open!

There is a bunch of great coverage of the opening with better pictures than I can take!  Here is some of the coverage:

      Video & Article at KDKA TV

      Article in the Trib

      Photo Tour with WPXI

But really, you should go check it out yourself! 

The entrance for the PNC Y is on Fifth Avenue.  They are still new so their awning is not yet installed but there is an A-frame sign out front to guide you.  It is the closest door to the CVS and it's directly across the street from 21st Street Coffee (another new one in the Market Square area... their original location is in the Strip; their Downtown shop used to be in the Frick building, but who can resist Market Square?).

Check out the YMCA's website for information on their classes, fees, and all the great stuff in their new location.  Or like I said, drop by and they'll be happy to show you around. 

P.S.  The PNC Y is a great place to watch construction progress since the cardio machines face the Square.  The construction crew installed a couple light poles today by PPG and you should look for terrazzo to be poured very, very soon!

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