A Work In Progress

We know it seems like certain construction projects around Pittsburgh are a neverending story.  Well, we're here to tell you that the work on Market Square is definitely a tale with an end in sight —and soon.

In the next couple weeks, the crews that have done such a great job so far will place the last brick in the big jigsaw puzzle of the sidewalks that encircle the Square.  And once that's done, just about all the merchants will start adding more alfresco dining as they place additional tables and chairs outside. Even better, you'll be able to stroll all the way around the Square without any detours.

Speaking of detours. PennDot crews will continue rebuilding Forbes Avenue between Wood Street and Market Square. One lane of the street is ready for the finishing touches and hass reopened to traffic. The work on the other side of Forbes will stay there for a while as workers replace the really old infrastructure that's been buried there for years. 

We like to think that all roads lead to Market Square. However, a few of them will be out of commission now and then as the city replaces the aging water lines to ensure that Square merchants enjoy an endless supply of clean, fresh water. In case you're wondering, that means Market, McMasters and Graeme streets will be off limits for autos at times. One thing we're glad about is that the city will repave all the streets at the same time. Just think, no more walkarounds — and no more hazards for all you ladies in heels.  Market Street will especially get some nice attention with new sidewalks, enhanced lighting, and a public art project by local artist Carin Mincemoyer.

Not all the work in the Square is about bricks and stones and concrete. Some of our favorite projects are on the green side. We know that visitors to the Square love the trees that are already there. And they're always asking if we're going to plant more. Well, the answer is yes...but not just  yet. Mostly, that's because the summer heat would pretty much cook any new plantings. So, come this fall, when the temperatures cool a bit, we'll be filling those empty tree pits between the MarketSquare Place and Dunkin' Donuts.

Yes, sometimes we feel like an eight-year-old going crazy with excitement over our next birthday. It just seems like the big day will never arrive. But come fall, all the work in Market Square will be finished — and it will be worth the wait.

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