Jenny Lee's Extreme Square Makeover

We don't have to tell you how the march of time can take its toll on "looks." Of course, we're talking about buildings, right? Anyway, you've probably noticed by now the scaffolding going up around the old Jenny Lee building in Market Square. Sure, the most recent tenants in that spot were Mancini's and Prantl's. But you know how real Pittsburghers are when it comes to identifying landmarks that by things that aren't there anymore.

Whatever you call that spot, it's getting a welcome "facelift," taking advantage of our Paris to Pittsburgh program. The idea behind P2P is to improve the interaction between street level businesses and us folks on the street — just like you'd find anywhere you go in "Gay Paree." A vibrant street cafe is a perfect example, and Square regulars already know how great that can be.

So here's the inside scoop. With the project in the works, what you'll see over the next few months is a completely new facade going up on the building. According to Mike Krastas — he's with N & P Properties, the company behind the project — the new front facing the Square will sport an "Art Moderne" look.

Crews will be replacing the tinted glass roof with a metal roof. Windows at Las Velas, that muy bueno Mexican catina that sits above old Jenny Lee, will sport clear glass for better views of the action in the Square below. Even better, the windows on the Market Square side will open up to let the fresh air in and to better connect the restaurant to the sidewalks below.  Diners will be able to enjoy all the fun of al fresco dining with all of the comfort of the great indoors!

On the ground floor, the windows will actually open to remove that barriers what's going on outside with the fun inside. The best news is that Mike K. says that Las Velas will remain open for business — barring any of those "unforeseen circumstances" —during all the construction.  So go on in, grab a Dos XX on tap and get the inside scoop!

Well, that's it for now on Jenny Lee's makeover. Visit Market Square to see the progress for yourself!

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