Zombies Invade Market Square

We weren't really counting. But to us, it seemed like a zillion zombies invaded Market Square on Sunday. That's why we're glad that the organizers of World Zombie Day kept track of the undead in the Square. Just in case you're keeping score at home, more 4,800 than creatures from the crypt crept into Market Square to bury the previous record of 4,300 set in Seattle last year.

Now, even though these zombies weren't exactly a sight for sore eyes — actually some of them didn't even have eyes — it warmed our hearts to see so many cold-blooded bodies packed into the Square for a good time and a good cause, namely helping to raise much-needed funds for a local food bank. Best of all, we applaud this mass of massacred unmankind for being on their best behavior in the Square and all over Downtown. You were all a credit to your non-species.

Well, sometimes we really do believe that a picture or two is worth a thousand words. Which is why we put together a few photos of the zombie-palooza in the Square. Oh, just a fair warning, the squeamish might want to avert their eyes since some of the photos might be hard to stomach for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

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