High Fives and Super Sevens

This championship season, DIGIORNO pizza wants to see whether Pittsburgh or Green Bay has the most passionate fans. Okay, we think we already know the answer to that one. But on February 3, we'll make it official when Market Square hosts the DIGIORNO High Five Challenge from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This tasty lunchtime rally will determine which city's fans will make history by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous high fives at 12:45 p.m. While football great Jack Ham cheers on fans in Market Square, Antonio Freeman will be pumping up the Green Bay fans, who will also attempt to break the record in their hometown the same day.

And if breaking world records isn't enough, fans in both cities will have even more reasons to celebrate during the High Five rallies. You see, DIGIORNO will provide free pizza slices for every fan who officially checks in.  They will also donate $5 for each for each participant to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, a local Feeding America* affiliate.  If we bring 2,500 people to high-five that means $12,500 much needed dollars into our local food bank.  Free pizza, money for the Food Bank, and beating the Green Bay fans?  Talk about a Win-Win-Win situation!

“Pittsburgh fans are the greatest, and I am confident we can set a new Guinness World Record,” said Ham. “The DIGIORNO High Five Challenge is the perfect event to showcase just how passionate Pittsburgh fans can be.”

DIGIORNO is extending the celebration beyond the High Five rallies with a special limited-time-only $5 offer on a variety of pizzas available at participating grocery retailers nationally.

“We want to congratulate Pittsburgh on their championship run and are excited to give fans a number of ways to be a part of the celebration, whether in a pre-game rally or from the comfort of their living rooms,” says Tom Moe, director of marketing for DIGIORNO. “With a Guinness World Record-breaking High Five attempt, we hope to help one team’s fans make history in their hometown and keep the celebration going with DIGIORNO pizza, the perfect complement to any game day.”

After such a show of Pittsburgh pride, pizza may not be enough to satiate rabid Pittsburgh fans hungry for a championship.  Fortunately, in Market Square there are tons of choices for grabbing a quick bite on the way back to work, whether you'll eat it right away or save it to kill those mid-afternoon munchies!
Watch the City crews as they clear the snow in preparation for next week's event and start getting excited fans!  For more information about the High Five on February 3, visit facebook.com/digiorno

*DiGiorno will donate a maximum of $15,000 to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, with a minimum donation of $12,500 per city.

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  1. ok-isnt this exciting-high five huh-what they should do is have a pizza eating contest-and the winner gets either tickets to superbowl--or a years supply of pizza--now thats a promo hit--or even give away footballs-with the superbowl teams and date on them-oh well-guess not every marketing company can have good ideas.