We Are The High Five Champions!

We're number one! We're number one! We're number one!  We really, really are...at least when it comes to raising our hands way up high. That's right, in the winner take all battle between Pittsburgh and Green Bay football fans, the Steel City grabbed the glory during this week's "Go Pittsburgh" High Five Challenge in Market Square, sponsored by the good folks at DIGIORNO Pizza. That's the "It's not takeout. It's DIGIORNO" line of supermarket pies that taste just like the ones you get from your your favorite pizza parlor.

Anyway, nearly 1,300 gridiron and pizza fans crowded the Square during lunchtime to show their true colors — and we don't have to mention what those are — and to try to make the Guinness World Record for the most high fives in one place at one time. Well, we came up a little short in the record book but the attempt was still a winner as DIGIORNO is donating a minimum of $12,500 to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. If you can't give yourself a high five, a pat on the back is okay, too.

And let's not forget Casandra Kelly of Greentree. Lucky Cass will be hosting one big party today with the $500 American Express gift certificate she won in a drawing. Hey, Cas, we're checking our calendar and, hmmmm, wouldn't you know, we don't have anything scheduled...yet. So if your super party guest list is coming up a little short, you know where to find us. Anyway, Cas couldn't have been happier to win the top prize, even if she did happen to be wearing a scarf from a local hockey team. Well, you know how Pittsburghers are. There just aren't enough teams for us to cheer for.

And wouldn't you know that every gray cloud in the sky vanished and the mid-winter rays bathed the Square with plenty of sunshine. Maybe that's the reason why Pittsburgh fans poured into the Square to toss footballs at targets, spin a wheel of chance and throw bean bags for great prizes that ranged from giant foam high-five hands to oven mits to mini footballs. Best of all, more true-blue die-hard fans from the City of Champions turned out than the folks did in Green Bay.  1,254 Pittsburghers to 705 Green Bay fans.  Which means we snagged the "best fan" title in this contest by 549 people. As if the outcome was ever in doubt.

With one title already under our belts, who knows how many more we'll win tonight when Pittsburgh and Green Bay match up again. We don't have a Magic 8 Ball, but we do see the number 7 in our future. If you catch our drift...and we don't mean a Green Bay snow drift.

We like to think of ourselves as good sports. No matter what the game, it's how you play in the end that counts. And no one played the game better than all-time fan favorite and football great Jack Ham. A longtime local hero, Jack was on hand before the rally started and after it ended to greet fans, sign autographs and cheer on the hometown crowd to victory. Now that's a hall of fame performance.

So, now that we own high-five bragging rights, let's starting thinking about the next title and hope that everything comes up lucky sevens. And, of course, here's a really big high five to DIGIORNO for hosting the best-ever pizza party in Market Square.

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