No fun in the snow...

And we thought the snow made our lives tough!

My fingers almost froze off just taking a couple pictures, but this team is out there working all day! 

They have to take special precautions to keep the the site protected, add elements to lower the freezing temperature of materials, and of course they need to keep themselves safe from exposure in below-freezing temperatures.

(I know you can't tell from here, but he's smiling in this picture!)

So this summer, when you're enjoying a concert or a quiet lunch with friends, under the trees with the sun dancing on the flowers... remember what we had to experience to get the great new space.  Think about the crew that was out in the snow... Think about the merchants that had to deal with road closures, delivery changes, decreased foot traffic... 

If you want to enjoy that moment this summer, maybe take a little time this month to make a special trip out in the snow to tell the construction crew their work is appreciated and to support all those locally owned businesses!  I know they'll appreciate your effort!

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