Market Square is a Movie Star!

Back in the spring of 2008 some of you may recall a film was shot in Market Square.

Dreamworks Pictures converted the Market Square stage into an elegant outdoor restaurant for a few nights to film a scene in "She's Out of My League."

They put tables and chairs under our bright yellow awning with soft yellow tablecloths, flowers and lighting.  Ivy trailed off the railings with flower boxes and they used a beautiful flower-trimmed arbor as the entrance.

They even spruced up some of the building facades they thought they might be visible in the background.

Dunkin' Donuts and Moe's Southwest Grill weren't even open then, they were under construction, so the film crew turned Dunkin' Donuts into the French restaurant that serves the outdoor diners and Moe's became a pizzeria.

They did all their filming at night.  One of my favorite Market Square pictures was taken at night after some rain because you see the neon signs and streetlights reflected all over the cobblestones.

Well, apparently that's a common movie trick.  They brought in a giant water buffalo and sprayed down the street between takes. 

I remember one night was so windy they had to stop filming for a time, but there was still a huge pile of people standing in the PPG arcade behind barricades and Police to watch!

The result looks fantastic!

Click here to watch the movie trailer
and see the old Market Square as a star!

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