Pie Fight in Market Square!

John Manders is an illustrator that lives in Pittsburgh.  As a result, you may find that distant friends and relatives are already familiar with some Pittsburgh landmarks, including this one:

John drew on his experiences here in Pittsburgh to help with this book project.  If you look closely you can see the photos of Market Square he used to help him paint the scene.

Click here for John's blog. We just showed you the beginning and the end but you can see all the steps he went through to create a pie fight in Market Square. You can also see how he develops the characters, scenes and props in his other work.

To learn more about John Manders, his school visits, the work he has for sale, etc. you can visit his website John Manders.com.

For more Downtown resources on illustration you can check out the Toonseum which recently opened on Liberty Ave across from the August Wilson Center, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where John honed the skills you see today.  During the warm weather you may see the occasional student, quiet and focused amid the swirl of activity in Market Square, transferring the scene on a sketch pad, or the photography and video students from Ai or Point Park capturing life in the Square.

But don't you go getting ideas now! Don't spit seeds at your neighbor in Market Square or we could end up with a big pie fight!


  1. Thanks for introducing kids everywhere to Market Square! We had a great time perusing your blog and website!