Come back everyone!

Someone in our office just got back from a walk through town and said it was BORING!  It is getting a little more active now but Downtown is pretty darn tame compared to what everyone was expecting.  We've only seen a couple protest groups but all they have done is process down the sidewalk at a stately and somber pace with signs, flags and images.  All very respectful and peaceful.  And there are cops everywhere!  I felt completely safe wandering around the streets by myself.  I guess what the Police said ahead of time is right, Downtown is going to be the safest place in Pittsburgh!

It was super fast to get here this morning - the EBA went from East Liberty to Mellon Arena in about 15 minutes, despite the reroute.

If you are already Downtown, go out and have lunch somewhere to support the businesses who stayed open. 

If you aren't Downtown, hop on a bus, or get on your bike and come down to show everyone what Pittsburgh is really like!  Check out Tuesday's blog post for the list of MSq restuarants open today.  Or, for the list of restaurants all over Downtown that are open these 2 days, click here: http://www.downtownpittsburgh.com/whats-new/g-20-summit

PS  If you can come Downtown tomorrow (to work or have lunch on your vacation day), wear some Black & Gold to show the world your Pittsburgh Pride!

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