Dunkin Donuts

It seems so long ago now... but remember how sad (even devastated) people were when that last Dunkin' Donuts closed a few years back?  Remember that surge of joy when people realized Dunkin' Donuts was coming back?  Remember last summer when people were so excited the lines were out the door for the entire first week of Dunkin' Donuts reopening?  Clearly, Pittsburgh missed its Dunkin.'
That kind of loyalty isn't surprising when you see what Dunkin' Donuts does to support the community.  Before they even opened last summer Dunkin's Donuts was the major sponsor for the Stay & Play Friday evening concert series produced by PUMP.  They also partner with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, Central Blood Bank, the Marines Toys for Tots program and events and nonprofits throughout the City and region.
And Dunkin' isn't just back... there are more Dunkin' options to love!  They still have great coffee and a huge variety of donuts, but they also have savory options for breakfast and lunch, plus their Smart Menu with healthy options like an eggwhite flatbread sandwich, cuz let's face it, donuts are delicious but its not likely to be the next hot diet trend (although I still can't figure out how something that tastes so good can be so bad!).
So, if you need to cool off with a Coolatta, warm up with a hot coffee, fill up with a flatbread, or feed your sweet tooth with your favorite variety of donut, Dunkin' has something for you.  Download a coupon to make this good deal even better!  Then visit their website for even more offers: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/.

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