What's with the flowers?

Market Square has been pretty quiet.  WAAAAAYYY quieter than anyone imagined it would be.  But there has been one riot... a riot of flowers.

The few businesses that did board up for the G-20 did it in style.  These MSq businesses participated in the Pittsburgh Beautification Project.

The Pittsburgh Beautification Project began when artist Bob Ziller decided to add a little life to a boarded up building at the foot of the Birmingham Bridge. After doing a second project in Lawrenceville, the Pittsburgh Beautification Project received a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund.  Bob painted the background and over 100 community volunteers, including many children, painted the flowers.  The boards were created for buildings throughout the City and were completed in time for use during the G-20.  They will be removed and reused on properties throughout the City.  But as fall continues and real flowers die, we'll still have some of Andy Warhol's in Market Square on the former G.C. Murphy Building as construction continues to transform it for exciting new uses as Market Square Place.

If your neighborhood would benefit from the Pittsburgh Beautification Project, you may nominate a property by sending the property address to Bob Ziller, 412-606-1220.  Please nominate properties where formal or casual consent of the property owner can be obtained.  The next painting party will be held on Friday, October 2, 7pm to midnight at 4810 Penn Avenue.

If the flowers on Market Square Place aren't enough for you, take a walk over the 7th Street Bridge to see some of Andy Warhol's other work and the exhibit of G-20 political cartoons at the Warhol.  (And then come back to MSq for some grub.  I bet the walk will make you hungry!)

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